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Expert Battery Service & Diagnosis in Amherst, NY

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No matter what car you drive, nobody enjoys discovering a dead battery. Dead batteries are known to cause many a painstaking headache for drivers in Amherst, NY, who have timely plans to get out on the roads. Getting behind the wheel and discovering your battery is dead may be unfortunate and inconvenient, but it's not the end of the world! Here at Northtown Volkswagen, our service department strives to keep your battery in good condition with expert service and diagnostic repair.

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Without a properly working battery, you're not going anywhere anytime soon. Routine battery maintenance and essential care call for regular battery inspections, including dead battery diagnostic services, terminal cleaning, and corrosion restoration. There are many key components to keeping your battery healthy that the experts at Northtown Volkswagen are happy to share with you!

Promote Healthy & Happy Battery Longevity

Sufficient electricity is needed to generate enough power to create a spark and then start the engine of your car when you turn the key. To help promote a powerful and healthy battery, the master technicians at Northtown Volkswagen recommend following these essential battery care tips:

  • Get Familiar - You don't have to be a certified technician to be curious and poke your head around the engine. Pop open the hood and get familiar with where your battery is located and how it functions. Visually inspect the battery terminals and see how the battery connects and powers the rest of the system.
  • Keep Clean - A clean battery is a healthy battery. The cleaner yours is, the easier it then becomes to service and maintain.Release the terminal clamps and clean thoroughly to prevent corrosion from surfacing around any connections. It's also important to remove the battery entirely and clean underneath where it sits.
  • Regulate Voltage - For the more advanced do-it-yourself mechanic, investing in a battery voltage regulator tool, like an electronic multi-meter, can help you measure the voltage of your battery on-site. This helps determine the many causes of dead battery issues and gives you real-time info to help diagnosis the problem at home in your driveway.

The Benefit of OEM Battery Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are the highest-quality replacement products you can use to fix any vehicle. If you're in the market for auto service in Williamsville, the parts experts at Northtown Volkswagen proudly offer OEM replacement parts for your battery, including new battery cells, hardware, terminal clamps, and more! The benefit of using OEM battery parts from Volkswagen is immense in that it gives your electrical system the best chance to flourish and work without any hiccups.

Click to explore our new OEM parts inventory online and learn how you can save on popular battery replacement parts today! Whether you're shopping for a new car or seeking out professional auto service, please don't hesitate to contact the experts at Northtown Volkswagen. Certified to help deliver exceptional battery service and emergency roadside assistance, we'll help recharge, replace, and replenish your battery when you need it most.

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Charge forward with confidence on the highways in Buffalo, knowing your battery is in good hands after visiting our service department in Amherst, NY. Please call or contact us online at Northtown Volkswagen to schedule a service appointment today, including all battery diagnostic services and repairs.Take the initiative to prepare your vehicle for the roads ahead with professional battery service at the most affordable prices in the area.

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